Bumper Lips

Put some personality on the roads


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Ends at midnight, May 2

drawn by Katie

Bitten Lip


drawn by Jenny

Monster Tongue


Limited time only!

drawn by Liza

Franken Mouth


drawn by Tyler

Pup Snout


Limited time only!

drawn by Knic

Robo Grille


drawn by Ellie

Simple Smile


many features:

Easy to apply — and re-apply

Our low-tack adhesive vinyl is simple to stick, easy to peel, and quick to re-stick when you’re ready. Maybe you want to switch cars, or just turn a frown upside-down; it’s all doable!

The biggest sticker you’ll own

At 22″ wide, these suckers are giant enough to fit almost any car’s rear end. Technically they might even work as a Halloween costume, but your arms will probably get tired.

Add smiles to the road

Just like the Wiper Wave, this product is guaranteed to provoke involuntary grins from occupants of vehicles around your car. No rear windshield wiper required!

Find your car with ease

Stop hunting through miles of parking lots populated entirely with boring, mass-produced vehicle bumpers. Spot your beauty from a distance by the shape of its mouth!

Limited time only!